Excessive Barking – Typical Reasons And How to Choose The Right Dog Bark Collar


Dog barking is a very natural thing. They use this action to communicate with human. However, the barking turns into a big problem when the dogs use it excessively. This article will show you some usual reasons that cause the dogs to create irritating barking so that you are able to find out the reason behind the barking of your dog.

Do you provide enough physical demands of the dog, for instance, do you give him enough food water that he needs? This is one of the common reasons for irritating barking behavior.

Boredom is another cause of unwanted barking from a dog. Some dogs require to have enough exercise every single day. Besides, if you let the dog in the yard and do not make contact with him, it is likely that he will bark loudly and endlessly due to boredom.

Do you leave him alone at home and go to the office? This is also a primary reason for nuisance barking.

Some dogs use their barking excessively because they are overprotective their owners. These dogs usually are protective of theirs owners naturally.

Another cause for endless barking is the dog may have a problem about health. So, before you use any method of controlling barking, you need to make sure your lovely pet does not suffer from health issues. It is cruel to apply any kind of training on a dog when he is being sick.

Those are common issues for excessive barking. In order to deal with this bad behavior, you are able to choose to use a dog bark control aid such as anti bark collar. Using this kind of product means that you will punish the dog so it is recommended that you should not use the collar when the cause of barking is fear or separation anxiety. In addition, you should also take traditional training methods into consideration in order to put an end to the pet’s irritating barking.

In case you have tested out other conventional training ways with no good result, it is clearly that you should go for a dog bark control collar. The problem is which kind of collar should you choose for your pet?

Today, there are 3 kinds of anti bark collars.

The first one is spray bark collars (also called citronella collars). They use natural oil to control excessive barking since most of the dogs feel uncomfortable with this kind of smell. These collars are considered human way to control barking as they use natural material which does not affect human as well as dog health.

The next one is sound collars. These collars use high-pitched sound to disturb the dog when he is barking. One advantage of this collar is it can control a dog which is not yours because it is able to release sound within a radius of 50 metres or so. This means you can use this device for stopping nuisance barking from a neighbor’s dog easily.

The last one is shock collars (also called e-collars). They use static shock to cause the dog to stop barking. This kind of device should be used only on hard dogs. They can hurt the dog at some level of shock correction. So, you should use it properly and carefully.

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