Dogs Allergy- How to Care?


Those who have pet dogs at their homes would definitely agree to the well known verse “dogs are man’s best friends. They would wag their tail and lick your face when you come back to home. He would always keep you busy on your toes even when you are at home doing nothing. He would sit quietly besides you at times and give you a peace of mind. People who have dog know that leaving their home locked at times does not mean returning back to the house to see a chewed pair of shoe, but seeing a dog who tries to tell you by his expressions or actions or wagging his tail and jumping on you that he missed you.

When you keep a dog at your place you need to be very careful about their medicines about their nutrition and about their allergies. To know your dog’s allergies would help you take care of him when he is unwell. Even dogs are allergic to substances like human beings, even they fall sick. You would find a dog being allergic when he is between one and four years of age.

An allergy is nothing but a reaction to any substances which is capable of inducing a hypersensitive reaction in animals. Allergies are common in many breeds and even in cross breeds. Allergies can even be passed genetically or from parents. Food sensitivities is a general and more fitting term for what pet owners think of as food allergies. This could lead to dog vomiting or even diarrhoea. The other common type of allergy in dog is itching of the body it could at a localized area which means at a certain part of the body or generalized area which means all over the body. It could be due to skin infection or due to exposure to certain type of grass etc. A dog might Sneeze or cough due to expose to a substance for which he is allergic. Atopy or inhalant is another type of dog allergy. If dogs inhale cedar, ash or oak etc which is tree pollens, or grass pollens, weed pollens etc they might be allergic to such allergens.

Contact Dermatitis is another reaction if any different substance touches the skin. Too cure a skin allergy you can shampoo your dog which would help remove his Scales, scabs, some parasites etc. As humans have teeth aches or tooth problems the same way dogs do have canine allergies. You need to understand its symptoms and provide your dog with relief. Hives and rashes on the dog’s body can be symptoms of allergy.If you observe your dog is vomiting or is having some other symptoms for a few days now take your dog to a veterinian who might give him some drugs which would give your dog relief.


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