Dog Training With Sonic Bark Collar


Having problem with nuisance barking of dogs? Many dog owners find it that the natural barking of dog should be restricted. It is understandable because incessant barking of dog can create problems to the dog owners. For some owners, incessant barking of dog can create misunderstanding among dog owners and neighbors. There are ways in putting a stop to mad barking of dogs, one is through obedience training and another is using bark collars.

With the use of advance technology and modern dog training, bark collars have been proven as effective tool in eliminating mad barking. There are different bark collars that can help in putting a stop to dog’s incessant barking the humane way. Another type of dog bark collar is the sonic bark collar. Sonic bark collar can be considered humane training collar next to spray bark collar.

Sonic bark collar or ultrasonic bark collar is type that uses sound frequency that creates distraction on dog whenever it barks. The collar emits a high pitched sound that is unpleasant to the dog’s hearing and causes to stop from barking. The collar activates a sound that only audible to the dog. In time, the dog will learn to associate the unpleasant sound with the barking. This type of collar is basically the same with the spray collar, but instead of affecting the sense of smell, it affects the sense of hearing.

Some may wonder if this type of collar is safe for the dogs. Other dog owners worry that the sound frequency that is emitted from the collar might affect the hearing of dogs. Sonic bark collar have been tested to ensure the safety of dogs. The sound that is emitted is only for a moment, enough to distract the dog from barking. Sonic bark collar can be use to any breed and size of dog. Dogs don’t need to wear the collar all the time.

Dog owners should not just rely on the training tools when it comes to this type of training. Proper reinforcement such as praising or giving treats whenever he stops from barking.

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