Dog Training Tools That You Must Have


Dog training is essentially the process of getting your dog to adapt to and respond with certain behaviors to external and internal stimulus. It could be verbal commands, people and material objects. Effective and save dog training therefore requires the right training supplies. The right equipment will make a big difference in getting your dog trained. There are lots of dog training aids, products tools and accessories out there. The following are the basic tools you must have.

The best leash should be about 5-6ft long. A leash is the best thing to use to establish a line of communication and command between dog and owner. It also helps to keep the dog save when you are walking in an area with heavy traffic. The two main types of leashes are the plain (nylon or leather) or the retractable. Retractable leashes are better used in plain environments like parks.

Dog collars come in different variety for all types of needs. The type you use for your dog will be determined by his breed, behavior, strength, and level of training. Identification tags are also put on collars. Most trained and well behaved dogs are okay with the normal fixed circumference collar. Other options are head halters, correction or choke collars for aggressive dogs. A harness could also be used in special circumstances.

Whistles have a variety of uses from calling a dog that is prone to wandering and for giving special commands to your dog.

Deterrents help to discourage your dog from biting, chewing, licking, and going into restricted areas. They could be in the form of a bad smell or biter taste that makes the dog not to want to repeat the unwanted behavior.

It is almost impossible to train your dog without dog treats. Treats are used to encourage and reinforce good behavior during training. They could be in the form of little toys and other chewable.

Crates are especially important when house training your dog, moving or when you just want to keep him from moving about.

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