Dog Training Techniques


Your new puppy will be quite dependant on you and the way you guide and train your dog will affect the way your puppy turns out when they are older. You are the person in charge of shaping the puppies temperament and general behavior. You can train your dog by showing it what is right from wrong when it is still young as well as teach it different techniques, it will soon learn how to be an obedient dog.

However if you do not teach your dog anything and let the puppy walk around the house and do whatever he or she pleases then you will not have an obedient dog.

Just like a child it is very important to use positive reinforcement and even rewards when training your puppy. It is best to start your training sessions as soon as your puppy gets home. Training sessions should be kept short consistent and both of you should always have fun. It is always best to start off with easy commands such as sit.

It is also important for you to remember that you are training a very young animal so you must have realistic expecta.tions and be quite patient.

I have some AMAZING NEWS for you! In just a few moments from now I’m going to reveal to you exactly how to solve your dogs behavior problems.

The techniques involved are SIMPLE, FAST and very EASY to use…… and to top it all off, you’re guaranteed to start getting immediate results!

Would you like that? If so, let me ask you something?

How frustrating is it for you at the moment, trying to manage a naughty or misbehaving dog? I’m sure you’ve already tried so many different things to train your dog, right? I’ll even bet your friends and family have also chipped in, telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing with your dog…. but let me guess, so far nothing has seemed to work?

So what’s YOUR dog up to? Is your dog doing any of these?

· Pees & Poops everywhere, and won’t learn how to potty properly.

· Jumps up all over you and YOUR guests.

· Pulls like crazy on the lead, and goes nuts when out for a walk.

· Gets aggressive with you or your family

· Chews up all your things

· Bites you or others

· Digs everywhere and makes a huge mess

· Cries / Whines and gets upset whenever you leave

· Or a combination of other behaviors

And do you know what? It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have, what level of experience you’re at, or what the problem is. Because I’m going to show you a way to train your dog that’s, SIMPLE, FAST and very EASY to do..

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