Dog Training Devices to Train Your German Shepherd Dog


Originated in Germany, German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is also known as German shepherds. The dog had been settled down in Germany since 1880 and used as shepherds. GSD have often been deployed a variety of tasks as they are of agility and suitable for action style work environment. During World War One in Germany, GSD become army dogs. Thanks to the training of Germany army, they showed in featured shape. Tall size, mighty, and strong working ability make the dog widely active as police dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, shepherd dogs and watch dogs and other domesticated pets.

There are no mysterious training steps. Here are some normal Dog Training Devices applied in dog training by profession dog trainers.

Steps and Methods

[1] Leather Belt.

It is generally of 0.6 to 1 meters long to lash the dog when training.

[2] Long Strap.

It is a must to train the dog to search, move ahead, steps back and other actions. 3 to 5 meters long cotton rope or soft nylon rope are good. One end of the rope should connect with the collar on the dog, while the other should be hold at the hand of the dog trainer.

[3] Collar.

Leather or metal collars are cool to train dogs especially when they do not follow the trainers’ commends.

[4] Gear Collar.

Gear Collars are made of very thick leather and with sharp gears inside the collars. If the dogs do not follow commend, then they will have to suffer from the stitches on the body.

[5] Crawl Collar.

The Crawl Collar is suitable for those dogs that are impatience on crawling and creeping. The general approach is to connect the collar with the dog’s front legs. As long as a pull by hand, dogs are forced to crawl on the ground.

[6] “Dumbbell”.

Dumbbell is not Dumbbell at all. It is only a Dog Training Device in Dumbbell shape. It is usually made of hard and smooth wood. The two balls of the “Dumbbell” can be changed according to the needs of dog training. The title is mainly used to hold the objects in the mouth.

[7] Muzzle.

Leather Muzzles are best to train dogs to safely monitor goods, defend against or attack.

[8] Dummy.

Dummy is fake people made from straw or cotton material. The lifelike dummy is a good training device to train the dogs to take down enemies.

[9] Defense Clothes for Dog Trainers.

Defense Clothes are made of thick canvas or leather, laminated with thick solid cotton to protect wrist, head, tibia and the body from being hurt by dogs. Long leather boots are good to protect your foot and legs.

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