Dog Food Supplement


“Food supplement also known as dietary supplement is an endeavor to supplement the numerous nutrients that are missing in our daily diet. Some countries define them as foods while in more liberal ones they are defined as drugs aimed at providing such missing food values.

Now that our world has “gone to dogs” the dog food supplement industry is growing by leaps and bounds. What is dog food supplement: it is simply some additional edible stuff given in addition to the regular diet to the canine member of the family. This ensures good pet health.

Proper research needs to be done before buying dog food supplement. Factors such as dog’s age, breed, weight and lot of other things determine what types of dog health food supplements can be used and how frequently they need to be given. Professional consultation is always recommended. Additional amount of dog food supplement like glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate benefits the canine by strengthening joints and so on. Additionally, dog food supplements such as L-carnitine may help a dog stay lean which will in turn generate less stress on the bones and joints and helps it stay active.

It might sound bewildering but medical surveys have proven that as dogs grow old, they suffer from chronic diseases like allergies arthritis, digestive problems, skin or coat ailments, weight concerns, calcium deficiencies, periodontal care and so on. Dog food supplements might be an answer to all these. For example, dogs suffering from arthritis benefit from additional amounts of glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate provided along with normal diet.

Dog food supplements come in various forms- tasteless powders, pills with a sweet coating or syrups. All dog food supplements are invariably sweet; otherwise it would be utterly impossible to administer the unpleasant tasting nutrients. They also come in chicken and liver flavors. With recent concerns about the safety of canned and pouch dog foods, people are turning to homemade foods. Innovations about homemade dog food supplement recipes keep coming up every now and then. However it is important to check with a veterinarian before changing pet food. These recipes need to be checked; however we must remember that they may not totally replace dog foods.”

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