Crate Training Puppies Two Reasons You Must


When people first come upon crate training there is always a hesitancy to use them. Some people initially believe that crate training puppies is cruel. The truth however is that crate training puppies is not only safe but it is very useful to your dog. We often lose sight of the fact that dog are wild animals that have been domesticated. That being said, a dog still has a very powerful instinct. Dogs in the wild share two common social habits, they work in packs and are raised in dens. You then may consider that your crate is a modern substitute for a den. Your dog will see this clearly, irrespective of our interpretations. That being said, crate training puppies is a vital part of your overall training.

The really bad part of crates is that they resemble a prison. If you can get past that idea then you can see that crates come in a variety of styles. Some crates are designed to look just like furniture in your home. The importance of crate training puppies comes into its own when we understand that puppies are much the same as children. They tire easily and need a place that is safe, secure and comfortable for them to rest and relax. In the same fashion that we let our kids take a rest, we should do the same for our puppies. When your puppy realizes he has a safe zone where he can relax or take a break from things he will be much happier. You will find that your dog is much happier when he is allowed a time to get away from everything. A good example is when a dog is tired and he needs to rest but the kids still want to play with him. When he cannot get any respite he will become cranky and may even resort to biting the child to tell them to back off. Crate training puppies avoids this situation all together.

Another very important benefit of crate training puppies is that they become easier to travel with. As long as he is safe in his den he will not stress out too much when in the car on the family vacation. This also applies to visiting the vet or having to stay over at the hospitals. The fact that your dog is used to being in a crate will make the entire situation so much less stressful for him.

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