Click Dog Training


Click dog Training is becoming popular nowadays. It probably is the word of mouth among dog owners community. Despite the popularity of this kind of training, not everybody really knows the exact meaning or how click training is being done. Click dog training is a type of training that is based on the dog psychology which is to reward the desired behavior. It is easy to teach the dog to learn something than teaching him not to do the undesirable behavior. So rather than focusing on the negative side of the dog, click training focuses more on the positive behavior of the dog. Giving focus on the bad traits of the dog will only yield frustration for you and the dog. Most of the time people want to own a dog not merely for the sake they are pet lovers but it is also one way to relieve their stress. Raising a dog is a therapy and focusing much on the behavior that only upsets you defeat its purpose.

Click training is implemented by the use of a small clicker device that will mark the desired behavior of the dog. Once the dog performs something that you like, you need to immediately press the button on the clicker which will give out a very distinct click sound. Click training is called operant conditioning wherein you are teaching the dog to determine that what he is doing is a correct behavior. Actually click dog training starts with classical conditioning but quickly becomes operant as soon as the dog imitates an action to earn a reward.

There is a big difference between a dog that behaves by habit and dog that behaves with purpose. A dog that behaves with purpose always tries to learn good habits to get the reward. They tend to remember the behavior because they are aware of the consequences. Moreover, click training boost the confidence of the dog because it can control the consequences of its action.

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