Basic Dog Training Commands


Dog is not merely a simple mammal, your dog is your companion, your supporter and your best friend. On the other hand you are his tutor or trainer from which dog learns several things. No one has doubt in this fact that dog is the most faithful pet in the entire animal universe. This is a unique feature that is only seen in dog and for this reason dog is even presented as a hero in several films. Training also plays an important role in dog behavior. So, proper training is essential for every dog by his owner as dog learns several things by proper training. Once your dog become familiar with your actions and commands, he will follow all your instructions. Below are few basic dog training commands that convert a simple dog in a well mannered pet animal that follow all the instructions of his owner properly. It is the duty of dog owner to make his dog at ease with these fundamental Dogs training Commands.

Dogs have a sensitive nature; your dog will get bored if you teach him in long sections. It is the best practice to teach your dog in small sections each no more than 5-7 minutes. If you teach your dog in long section of 20-30 minutes your dog will start neglecting your instructions and all your effort and hard work go wasted. So always teach your dog in short sections. You may repeat the section after some time if you want.

Now talking about the basic commands, Sit is the first basic command in dog training. Generally dogs gain knowledge of this command with no trouble. Once your dog become familiar with this command, your dog will sit at very point when you apply this command, “Leash Training “is one more significant command for every dogs and young puppy. Never attempt to be ruthless with your dog by dragging and hauling him. Allow your dog to leash appropriately and stroll with you. This command is little complicated so give your dog proper time to become skilled at this command. Never try to be panic at your dog during the training process. Another basic command is Heel .Dog all the time feel at ease while walking next to you .This command is generally used if your dog start walking in front of you. Never drag your dog if he’s walking in front of you. Educate this command correctly so to acquire good communication.” Stay” is used to make your dog sit at that spot where he is .This command is extremely significant and acquire little time to get a hold by your dog.

Each above mention commands are extremely obliging for each and every dog breeds. Always try to teach your dog in short sessions instead of long sittings. Never overlook to admire your dog frequently as it will make your dog think at ease with you. Never become disappointed if your dog does not understand something, always keep in mind you’re your dog is not a human so he take some time for understanding. Be courageous, peaceful and reliable with them .Give your dog a nutritious rich meal. Develop a sense of fearless and well mannered. Play games with your dog while training session to make him more relaxed. Feel affection for your dog and in come back he will offer lots of love and admiration to you. is a great source for buying all pet products at affordable price. For Further information about Dog stuff And Dog photo frames you can visit the website.

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