Advantages Of San Antonio Puppy Training


San Antonio puppy training is one of the best gifts you can give your new dog. Teaching them obedience and how to behave are essential for a good relationship between pet and human. Many people love their dogs, but do not know exactly how to train them to be the best they can be.

Most people think of obedience as one dimensional and you simply say a command and your dog obeys it. There is much more to San Antonio dog training classes than simply speaking commands to your dog. You need to understand your dog and the way they think. This can help you to be a better pet owner and you will be more in touch with your dogs needs.

Manners in a canine are very important and this is one area where many people do not pay enough attention. If someone enters your home and your pet literally knocks them down upon entering, this is considered bad manners.

Your pet may not leave someone alone when they are done petting them and this is another case of bad manners that can be corrected. San Antonio dog obedience classes should also focus on manners so your dog knows what behavior is expected when in the company of other dogs and humans.

Positive rewards are the best form of training. A gentle and firm approach with your dog will get you much better results than anger and spanking. This is often the way that many of our parents disciplined their dog and this is learned behavior and violence with a dog will only build fear against you and this is not what you want in your house pet.

Your puppy should be around other dogs from the very beginning of life. There are many more places that you can bring your dog compared to years ago and this allows dogs to interact with one another.

A dog that has never been around other dogs can be unpredictable and if your puppy is trained to be around other dogs, it can lead to great interactions into adulthood. There might be a dog park in your neighborhood where your dog can meet other dogs and this can be fun for the both of you.

San Antonio puppy training will give your dog a foundation that they will build upon long into adulthood. Puppies are the perfect age to begin training and there are many techniques that you can learn that are gentle and effective.

Marlene Ring is the driving force behind PAWSitive Solutions dog and puppy training. Her extraordinary love for dogs and the desire to share her knowledge with others is what makes her special dog training style unique. Get her FREE “Dog Training Tips” report at and call her office at 830.981.5003 to talk about your pet.

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