Advanced Dog Training Method – Come When Called


For dog owners, it is vital for you to trains your dog. A dog with behavior problems can be a nightmare for everyone. Coming when called is one of the most important skills that your dog must learn. It is for its safety. Things can get pretty bad when your dog refuses to respond to your call could be easily get hit by a car or get into a fierce fight with other dogs. Not to mention that a well-behaved dog are often a preferable choice to be taken out for a walk in the local park or at the beach.

The “come when called” training is quite straightforward and doable for every dog owners. Providing a praise or treats for your dog is pretty much all the step that you as a dog owner need to do. But of course, it still takes some time for the dog to adapt to this training. So, be patient. Once your dog mastered this “come when called” trick, it is a right time for you to introduce a number of fun exercises to challenge your dog. This will pique its interest.

Applying the same training session can be boring. So, in order to prevent your dog from degenerating into this state, you should always come out with different training sessions. This is the best ways to motivate your dog. Also, before you start any training, it is important to make sure your dog is motivated and always ready to respond to your treats. To know either your dog is motivated or not, you can do a simple test on him. Taking a piece of his regular food and waving it in front of him. If your dog shows a great enthusiasm, then you can start the training immediately. If he shows opposite reaction, then it would be wise to wait until your dog is in more receptive mood. It is also recommended for you to use a small piece of food in the training. It is to avoid over-feeding your dog during the training sessions.

In more advanced training sessions, you should include your family members in the training. Your goal is to make sure your dog shows the response to all your family members or friends. If you are not informed about this, dog often learns to respond to one person. This can be a problem for those who are watching the dog. This is one of the reasons why professional dog trainers always insist on working with the dog owner during the training sessions. A well-trained dog should be able to respond to whoever is in charge, not just limited to the dog owner or usual handler.

In the back and forth recall training, you need at least 2 or more people standing approximately 10 yards apart. Preferable in a fenced area. All you need to do is to calls the dog and ask him to sit or standby, until the next person asks the dog come. When the dog is responding to command “come”, the very same person should reward it with a treat. Keep doing this until the training session ended.

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