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The Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy video where you get Puppy Potty Training and Dog Potty Training advice and tips.

Potty training your dog can be a frustrating task but patience and consistency can be great tools for a better potty training experience.

Training Tips:
1.) Accidents Happen! You should only scold or punish them if you catch them in the act.

Punishing your dog afterwards or rubbing their nose in their mess can be very confusing for your dog.

2.) When you take your dog out to go to potty try taking them to the same spot.

This will help teach your dog that this is where they should go. After they do go, be sure to give them lots of praise and love to let them know they did a good thing.

3.) Puppy crates are a positive thing for your dog; it is like their room or den. It is their space!

Refrain from using the crate as a way to punish your pet. When they are in the crate be attentive to your dog watch for warning signs that they need to go out.

4.) Refrain from using pee pads they can be confusing to your dog.

Pee pads may lead to them peeing on the carpet or blankets. You should always make time to take them outside because you want to teach them to only go outside.

The Best Way To Potty Train A Puppy video where you get Puppy Potty Training and Dog Potty Training advice and tips.

There are some very effective ways to get your dog potty trained or puppy house trained and it can be done in as little as 7 days with the correct advice, tips and training.

Train Any Dog With These General Dog Training Hints

Training a dog is crucial for having an obedient friend. There are good and bad points to dog training, but you’ll have more success if you acquaint yourself with a variety of techniques. Equip yourself by reading the piece that follows.

Leashes can be a new concept for puppies, so have them begin preparing for it by wearing a collar during playtime. It is important for the puppy to get used to the collar so it can be identified.

Your dog needs to pay attention to what you communicate. The guide above has outlined good tips that you could use in training your dog. Take your time and your dog will learn the appropriate behaviors. If you want a dog that listens you must be consistent with them.

Socialization with other people and pets is an important part of your dog’s training. Your dog needs to know how to act around other dogs and humans, and frequent socialization is the only way to teach these skills. This ensures their safety and the safety of others.

You can train a pooch to roll over fairly quickly if you have some treats to hand out. Start by getting the dog to lay down. Then hold the treat at the side of the dog’s head and move it around it’s face to the other side. He’ll follow your hand and roll over completely. Say the command, “roll over” when he rolls over. Be patient if they don’t get it right away; they’ll get it soon enough!

Make sure that your dog stays in a relaxed area. Play time is good to have with your pet, however, your dog should remain calm when you enter the room. Do not acknowledge the animal when you enter and by doing so, you create a controlled atmosphere in which you decide how and when play time begins.

If you follow these tips you should be on your way to having a potty trained pup in 7 days!

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